RRII Final DVD + Promo GACKT Water Bottle

I’m back in Japan!  A lot of stuff has happened in the 5 days I’ve been back, and a lot of stuff happened in my absence.  But I’ll write about that over on Lucky Hill. When I have time, that is.

I picked up GACKT’s DVD set VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 REQUIEM ET REMINISCENCE II FINAL〜鎮魂と再生〜 (“chinkon to saisei,” meaning “requiem and rebirth”) this past Wednesday.  Back in December when I picked up RE:BORN, I had gotten a coupon for a free GACKT aluminum water bottle with the purchase of the RRII DVD.  The coupon expired a couple of weeks after what was the release date for the DVD at the time.  But since the DVD got pushed back, and I never went to Tower Records to see if they were issuing new coupons, I wondered if my expired coupon would suffice. It did!

The water bottle, the DVD, and the liner notes (opened to

The water bottle, the case, and the liner notes (opened to Koakuma Heaven, of course, lol).

I haven’t had time to watch the DVDs, but hopefully I will during Golden Week.  I don’t think I’m going anywhere.  If someone else plans it I will, but I don’t feel like dealing with it.  I’ve traveled outside of Fukuoka for three months in a row! Tokyo for New Year’s, Seoul in February, and I just got back from the States.  I don’t know how other JETs do it, rolling around all over the place!  I’m tired! Not to mention, it’s such a hassle to have to worry about taking back omiyage, making sure I leave enough space in my luggage and such.  Geh.

Well, I’m gonna try to clean up my apartment.  It’s time to turn the kotatsu back into a regular table, among other cleaning chores.  And ironing. Blaaaah.  Hm, maybe I can iron while watching the DVDs without burning an iron-shaped hole into my clothes? ^o^