L’amour (Or A Lack Thereof)

Songs: 92
Albums Represented: 48
Albums Complete in Library: 3

Finally we come to the Ls, where resides an album that I’ve brought up so many times before that I don’t need to say anything else about it.

Well, how to pick a track to represent My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless? With tracks that melt into each other, it’s hard to recommend just one.

Wait…I think that my very first post on this blog was about MBV! *Goes to check*

Ah, it wasn’t my first post, but it was an early post: It’s time to play, “What are they saying?!” 

“Only Shallow” is definitely one of my fave tracks on the album. Another one is “To Here Knows When,” which also happens to have a video.

Last, I’ll share one of my favorite GACKT tracks. It came up in the L’s because it was the b-side to the track “Lost Angels.” It’s the hauntingly beautiful song “Suddenly.” I’m pretty sure we’re meant to understand the person singing as a woman, something I didn’t really pick up on until I watched the Requiem et Reminiscence II Final DVD and GACKT was being so femme during this song. But when I saw that, I felt like an idiot for not noticing it sooner given the style of the lyrics. Anyway, here it is, from that same DVD, which I highly recommend and is available legitimately from CD Japan.


It’s time to play, “What are they saying?!”

I love Final Fantasy VII. One of the reasons was because the game introduced me to the band My Bloody Valentine, whose legendary album Loveless is the namesake of the play referenced in both FFVII and Crisis Core. I know that this is a reference to MBV because, if you watch FFVII’s opening cinematic carefully, you’ll see that above where it says LOVELESS, it actually says “My Bloody Valentine”, written vertically. I was curious to see what the programmers where having fun with, so I Googled–er, used whatever search engine it was back then–the name.

Now, I was merely 9 years old when Loveless originally came out. When I came to find them, the album was already ten years old, and the main website that I got my info from went offline shortly after I’d discovered it. So imagine my surprise when I come to find out they actually made music videos for some of their songs! Seeing “Only Shallow” on YouTube, and hearing some lyrics clearly and differently than what I hear when I’m playing the CD, I figured it was time to play: “What are they saying?!”

If you don’t already know, MBV’s lyrics are at about the same volume as the distortion and trembling guitars, on top of being sung as if in a dream. In short: hard to decipher on many songs. As far as I know, and from what I’d found on the internet years ago but can’t find now, MBV never released their lyrics, so if you’re a new fan to the band and it’s history, don’t take the lyrics as posted on various lyrics sites as having any authority other than “this is what Bob heard”. While not knowing all of what they’re saying doesn’t take away from the listening experience, it sure is fun to speculate! If you don’t know the song, watch the video first before reading my version of “Only Shallow”!

Seen it? Okay, here’s what I hear:

Sleep, like a pillow
Go up there
When she walked in anywhere
Slow as a rhythm
Touch her there
When she walked in someway

Sleep like a mellow
Subject there
Feel like you could throttle her
Sleep, only shallow
Fields lie spread
Soft bright red silk everywhere

Sleep by the willow
Touch her there
When she walked down anywhere
Move in the mirror
She’s not there
When she walked in somewhere