Cloud and Seph Sell You Stuff

I did a few pieces of fanart a while ago inspired by the fact that Square-Enix made a Cloud Strife cologne.  These have been up on my Square-Enix Members page for a while, and I figured it was time to let the general masses on the interwebz see my two favorites.

Well, that, and I’m wondering why my other blog is getting so much traffic by Googling “Sephiroth” when there’s relatively little about him over there compared to this one. ^_^;

As with other fanart I make, please do NOT repost these anywhere without asking for permission! Feel free to download them ONLY for your own personal amusement. Thank you.

Anyway, first up, Cloud promoting his cologne! This is the regular (read: non-Advent Children Complete-style bloodied-up) version:

Think about it: Cloud probably don't smell too good after having all that concrete thrown at him. (Only a grammatically incorrect sentence can express his level of funk.)

Next, my submission into the “Let’s mishear Sephiroth’s English lines!” Saga. ^O^  I must say, I’m proud of how I colored that piece of fruit.

Yes, please.

Even though Sephiroth has nothing to do with “Scales of Libra,” I used a crop from this piece to be my new Gravatar, replacing the Genesis-inspired crop of me holding an apple. ^_^; A fellow SE Member commented that when she saw the icon on my YouTube account (a crop of Seph’s face screencapped from Advent Children) she knew for sure that it was my account.  So, I think I’ll put this pic of Seph as a stand-in for me on anything that has an avatar! ^O^

Ah, perhaps I should explain that these are supposed to be mock magazine ads.  Of course, they’re double-page spreads. ^o^


More Square-Enix Geekiness

Mwa ha! First post at Scales since I’ve been in Japan!

So what shall I blog about?  Well, that which I didn’t go into detail over at Lucky Hill: My “pilgrimage” to see Sephiroth.  ^o^  Yeah, I’m THAT big of a geek.

So, Square-Enix has a store in Tokyo called the Square-Enix Character Goods Show Case. (You can click on “English” to the left on their page.)  I Google-mapped it before leaving for Japan, but it seemed kinda complicated.  I was confused about why it was giving me a long, funky looking walking route when the mass-transit route required that I get on a train and get off after one minute.  It did help, however, since I learned that I would be getting off at Hatsudai Station, I was able to use the much simpler Shinjuku area map all JET participants recieved. The store was a mere 15 minutes from the hotel!  It’s kinda tucked away, under an overpass, so it’s easy to miss.

I asked the clerk if it was alright to take pictures, and he said it was fine.  Now, the very realistic Sephiroth statue is actually in the floor (in the Premium Goods area, of course), so I couldn’t get a shot of the whole thing.  They also have the original Genesis outfit on the display, like the one GACKT wore in the video to “Redemption.”  Click the pictures for the full size!

Welcome to my Reunion...wait, I'm not Kadaj...

Welcome to my Reunion…wait, I’m not Kadaj…

This one's blurry, but you can see more of it.

This one's blurry, but you can see more of it.

"折れた翼を羽ばたかせ、全てを消してみせよう〜" ♪

"折れた翼を羽ばたかせ、全てを消してみせよう〜" ♪

Whew, that’s quite a bit of geeking out there. >P

In slightly related news, I bought an Arena 37 Special that featured GACKT for the poster. It is the second decoration I’ve bought for the apartment. (The first was one of those Japanese summer-not-quite-a-windchime thingies.  I’ll add pics when I take them.

Genesis and Sephiroth Fanart

I hope that title didn’t get any Genesis x Sephiroth fans too excited, since that’s not what this is. I’ve had these pieces on My Page over at Square-Enix Members for a while, and thought to leave them exclusive to that site but, there isn’t much Genesis fanart out there that I’ve seen…(ah! I should Google his name in katakana instead! Why didn’t it occur to me sooner?)

Anyway, click on the image for the full size, as these can be used as wallpapers. Not that too many people land on this blog, but just in case, please do NOT repost these anywhere, download them only for your personal enjoyment. And please, don’t crop my signature out (yes, I have seen people do that *so annoying*).

Here’s Genesis Rhapsodos. He’s holding a “dumb berry,” Banora’s second most important crop. ^o^ I think we’ve seen him with dumb apples and/or Loveless more than enough. I don’t know exactly what Genesis’ earring looks like, so instead I drew the PEERAGE from GACKT’s DARTS line of jewelry.

I don't know exactly what Genesis' earring looks like, so instead I drew the PEERAGE from GACKT's DARTS line of jewelry.

The object of every Red Leatherite's affections. Yes, I call them "Leatherites." The ones in SE Members' Red Leather at least.

And here’s Sephiroth (whose last name should be “Silverburg” ^o^). He’s wearing glasses because…it’s a long story, but it has a reason. The No. 2 pencil, on the other hand, was randomly chosen. I didn’t want to be cheap and avoid drawing both of Seph’s hands, and since I didn’t want both of them in his hair, I had to have his hand doing something. Thus, No. 2 pencil. Maybe it’s for back-to-school…? Did Sephiroth go to school? XD
The object of every member of Silver Elite's affections.  Maybe we could call them "Silver Elitists"? LOL!  Don't know if the chairwoman would approve.

The object of every member of Silver Elite's affections. Maybe we could call them "Silver Elitists"? LOL! Don't know if the chairwoman would approve. And I'm not talking about Hojo.

I’ll parody a DeviantArt page and give equipment specs! Involved in the creation of these pieces were:
  • An Office Max No. 2 pencil (maybe that’s where it came from, ha!)
  • Strathmore Sketchbook
  • Papermate Pen Eraser
  • HP Photosmart C4280
  • Photoshop Elements 2 (yes, 2. Four doesn’t have the sunflower.)
  • Wacom Intuos 3 tablet
  • And of course, an Intel iMac running OS 10.4.11

Okay, lemme stop, lol.

Final Fantasy Concerts Return to Detroit!

Yes! My hope came true! “Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy,” the latest FF concert, will come to Detroit on June 18th! I didn’t think they’d come through the D since they performed in Grand Rapids (and Uematsu was even at that one), but at the same time, I thought, they can’t diss the Detroit Symphony Orchestra by not coming here!

The DSO’s event page for this concert is found here.

For the Detroit page of the Distant Worlds site, click here.

I’m so excited! Waaa! ^___^

Get your tickets before Seph buys them all to scalp them!

Get your tickets before Seph buys them all to scalp them!

OMG Tetris?! and Other Emacs Fun

If any Unix or Linux geniuses pop in they’re gonna call me a n00b and laugh at me, but oh well. I will take their humiliating laughter and announce to the world that after living with my OS X iMac for nearly two years I just now discovered that you can play a version of Tetris through the Terminal!

I don’t know how many of the average Mac users are familiar with the Terminal. Of my friends who also use Macs, none have really used it. I’ve only used the Terminal to circumvent Grab’s “I’m not gonna let you screencap a DVD” roadblock, and my brother used it to run some data recovery program. If you, Dear Reader, likewise have never used the Terminal, below is a brief explanation.

Terminal is a command line. Back in the day, people used to have to type in word commands to their computers. Then Xerox and Apple changed the world by developing an operating system that would let you just click on pictures (“icons”) to have the computer do stuff, and lo! every Tom, Dick, and Maria was able to use a computer. As this system was widely adopted, the command line faded from the memory of people like me, who use computers mainly for using the internet, playing music, and writing essays. (Oh, and coloring in silly fanart, ^_^.) But then Apple built its OS X on Unix, and since I was already a video game geek, I decided to take a dive into computer geekdom and learn a little bit about how to use the Terminal. If you’re inspired to get into this, I highly recommend you get David Pogue’s OS X: The Missing Manual. It is an awesome book that anyone looking to unlock all the power of their Mac should own. Get the one for your version of OS X today! *Sparkling smile*

It takes a while to get used to the simplicity of this version.  As you can see, I was not yet accustomed to it. ^_^;;Anyway, back to Tetris. My brother found this page on the Easter Egg Archive that explains how to play Tetris on the Terminal. To summarize, once you’ve opened the Terminal, type “emacs” then press “enter/return”, then simultaneously press “esc” and “x” (which will give you a command line at the bottom of the Terminal screen), then type “tetris”, hit “enter” and enjoy!

As you can see from the picture, the pieces don’t have individual squares drawn on so it takes some getting used to. I wasn’t doing particularly well on this try…

As you can read on the Easter Egg Archives page, there are other games you can play through Emacs in the Terminal. I know it’s really old, but I like the psychotherapist Eliza. To “play” this, do the same as for Tetris, just type “doctor” instead of “Tetris.” I thought my first conversation with her was funny, so here are some screencaps. If you just hit “enter” without typing anything she’ll ask another question, as is the case with the last two sentences of the first session I screencapped. Otherwise, every other sentence beginning with the very first one is the emacs psychiatrist “talking,” and the other sentences are what I typed in.

The last two sentences are both from the psychiatrist.

The last two sentences are both from the psychotherapist.

Now me being the huge geek that I am, I thought, “What if I did a little role playing here?” (Not that I actually fell down the stairs.) Inspired by my recent fanart, I decided to “talk” to Eliza as Sephiroth, seen in the second session screencapped below (both sessions take up two pictures each).
If I do say so myself: *L O Freakin’ L!*
How about you, O World? Have you had a really funny session with Eliza, the emacs psychotherapist?

Sephiroth, Alucard, and Gackt’s Identity Crisis

Happy New Year, O World! May 2009 treat you better than 2008!

First Post of the New Year has got to be good, right? Enjoy this silly comic strip that I made!


\ ^0^ /

Ah, I crack myself up!

I suppose I should explain my somewhat convoluted bad joke, just in case anyone didn’t get it.

The newest (far as I know) Castlevania game (Castlevania: Judgement for the Wii) features an Alucard that looks remarkably like Sephiroth. It’s not too bad in Takeshi Obata’s (!!) illustration, but in-game…see for yourself!

So that explains the first two dudes. The third guy is Gackt. In case you don’t know, Gackt is a Japanese rock star, among other things. When he was in the band Malice Mizer, they had a song called “月下の夜想曲” (gekka no yasoukyoku), which was also the Japanese title of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Then when Gackt went solo, in the video for his song “Mizérable” he looked like he was cosplaying Alucard. Years later, the cover of his album Diabolos really couldn’t be more explicitly Sephiroth fanart. When I saw the Sephiroth-like Alucard, I thought, “Oh, no, what’s Gackt to do now?!?” But he’s currently revisiting his Rebirth era Nazi Frankenstein-Android character, so no worries for him. Thus, my silly joke.

If nothing else it was a pretty picture, no? ^_^

I do wonder why they chose to make Alucard a platinum blond considering how gorgeous he looks with dark hair. Genya Arikado, anyone? I also wonder why Ayami Kojima hasn’t been the illustrator for the past several Castlevania releases. Is she tired of drawing beautiful men surrounded by rotting corpses and all manner of demonic beasties? Come to think of it, it’s only been the games released on Nintendo systems that don’t have her art. Maybe Nintendo thinks she’s too explicit for their systems? No, wait, Kojima did illustrate Aria of Sorrow, which is why it was so strange to me that she didn’t do Dawn of Sorrow.