About this Blog

When I was younger, my brother for some reason found my rantings amusing enough to think I should have my own website. I no longer run that site because GeoCities ceased to exist. So when a friend suggested I start a blog, I thought, okay, it’s like a continuation, right?

That was the plan initially. I had narrowed my focus down to writing about Detroit, video games, cats, and music. But then I started a separate blog for my JET experience (Lucky Hill), and didn’t have time for both blogs. Eventually I lost my blogging mojo altogether, and even Lucky Hill saw fewer and fewer updates. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel like blogging again, but for what previous posts are worth, I’ll leave both blogs up.

I’m always curious about the people whose words I read on the largely anonymous internet, so I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I’m a carbon-based life form, born under the sign of Libra. I enjoy drawing, running, reading, Macs, and making bad jokes, to say but a few things. I’ve lived in Detroit for over 20 mostly consecutive years and can say the city gets a rep much worse than it deserves. I have one more blog, Warped Frost, which is my more professional, portfolio-like blog featuring polished fan translations and some of my artwork.

(Updated August 2015)


6 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. I love John K. King bookstore myself, how ’bout you? Like your blog and it’s nice to find someone else that experiences the D and it’s burbs.
    Peace to you,

  2. Oh, I am sorry, I just read here, that you do live in Japan! How long have you been here? I assumed, that you are a university student, talking about your “professors” 😉 I sorry!

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