Dressed to SLAY

Warped Frost

If this isn’t done now, it’s not gonna be. XD

As with the preview post before this, the images contained here might be slightly NSFW, assuming your workplace wouldn’t be too keen on you looking at muscular men only slightly less scantily clad than He-man.

So don’t scroll any further, O ye people at work!

You’ve been warned!



Okay, so I wanted to draw a sexy Sephiroth with something we don’t see much anymore: his asymmetrical OG bangs. He’s been prettified with each new release— with the exception perhaps of his Advent Children rendition, which was a tad heroin chic what with the dark circles under his eyes—so we don’t see this hard polygonal style anymore.

I also had a leftover desire to make his harness the main focus of an outfit; it was something I felt I couldn’t incorporate believably into the bridal candidate dress designs…

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