Words of the Day

Alternative facts: Doublespeak for “inconvenient truths”

Cherry-picking: Deliberately ignoring facts you don’t like in favor of facts you do, then acting as if one fact can cancel another fact

Foreshortening: The visual phenomenon of the length of something disappearing when viewed from dead-on. The length of the thing in question nevertheless continues to exist. Related: Object permanence

Headdesk: The sound of the point being willfully ignored

Object permanence: The understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be directly observed, usually developed in humans by the age of 2 years

Peek-a-Boo: A game which is fun when you are a baby without object permanence or a child or adult with object permanence entertaining a baby; when all parties involved have object permanence it’s just insulting



2 thoughts on “Words of the Day

  1. Please have the answers of miss universe 2016 contestant translated and show their original words they used from their language just like you did last year 🙂

    • Hello Alex, thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately I’m very busy right now and don’t have time to find the right clip from the pageant (I didn’t watch it this year) and translate it. But maybe somebody else will do it. Cheers!

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