Videos in which GACKT…

Sits in a chair:

Secret Garden
Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto
Juuni-gatsu no Love Song
Kimi ni Aitakute
No ni Saku Hana no You ni
PS I Love U

Sits in a chair and dies:


Dies outside of a  chair:

Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume
Returner ~Yami no Shuuen~

Dies outside of a chair but in a sitting position:

Tsuki no Uta
Until the Last Day

Dies la petite mort or pretends to do so:

Black Stone

Does not die but appears very hungry:


Goes down to Georgia:


Is an inspiration to little kids:

The Next Decade

Has red Kool-Aid raining on this blonde chick:


Wears a burlap sack:


Sits in an ear canal:

Arittake no Ai de

Gets you every time:

Love Letter


I could be wrong about some of these as I didn’t actually go through and watch them all again but I had a dadaistic compulsion to make this list.


6 thoughts on “Videos in which GACKT…

  1. Here’s some more for “sits on a chair” – White Lovers (sits in a car), Story, PS I Love You, Wasurenai Kara (well, sits on a bike, maybe not a chair exactly), Another World (sits in a car, for like one scene, but does!)… and I think that’s it xD
    I hope I’m not remembering anything wrong, I didn’t check, ahah

    “Does not die but appears very hungry” lol!

    • Gah, how could I forget he’s sitting around in PSI♡U?! *Edits post*

      I wasn’t sure whether to include the ones where he’s sitting in or on vehicles. I mean, technically a Gundam is more vehicle than chair, but I guess because they didn’t try to make a model of the whole Gundam I see Metamorphoze as more “sitting in a chair” than “sitting in a Gundam.” Hmm…

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