Just in case

The other day I thought I’d join tumblr since WordPress seems to be full of tumbleweeds as far as the GACKT and exist†trace fandoms go. Figured I could save all the interesting posts I see on the tumblrs I read anyway. So I went to join. Among various suggestions for usernames it gave me “GloriousBasementTrash,” which was quite amusing but I went with WarpSpeedLibra instead. It was interesting at first, but then it started to feel like work. So I deleted it. orz

I doubt many of the tumblrs I followed in that brief time will see this, but I wasn’t trying to be an ass! I still read & enjoy your fandom tumblrs, I’ll just watch you from afar. Does that sound weird? It sounds weird. I’mma stop being weird now.



2 thoughts on “Just in case

  1. No, it’s fine to just look from afar. Tumblr is not that great (but it’s like I can’t leave!)
    Having an account makes it easier to follow the stuff you like, though. You have an account *just* for following others and keep up with tags, but not post anything and not interact with anyone. That’s how I started… lol
    But either way is fine, you’re not weird for not wanting to join a social network, what you are is wise! ;D

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