Because LotR was truly about preventing forest fires

 So I’ve been going to a Buddhist temple for a few weeks now as part of a service learning project for one of my classes. The very first time I went, there was this serious discussion about Engaged Buddhism. Near the end the dharma student giving the lecture picks up this book and he starts reading this passage about Smokey Bear being a bodhisattva and I was confused as eff and figured I was just hallucinating everything because the table lamps flanking the altar were the same Japanese-style shoji lamp I’d bought at Target like 15 years ago and the dharma student turned out to be the owner of the place I had my bicycle tuned at and there’s no way a serious discussion could suddenly turn into Smokey Bear is a bodhisattva, right?

In a similar vein when I Googled “Smokey Bear” to see if the correct spelling was “Smokey” or “Smoky” Google told me that “People also search for: Boromir.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 5.47.51 PM

I guess Boromir and Smokey Bear kinda sound similar?




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