Anyone want a bunch of free GACKT calendar pages?

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Los posters ya fueron regalados.

The posters have been sent to their new home.

Alguien quiere posters de GACKT gratis?

So I came across this today and I’m wondering if anyone wants it, free of charge:

Don't mind the mess on my room floor. LOL

Don’t mind the mess on my room floor. LOL

Esta caja contiene casi todas las paginas de dos calendarios de GACKT diferentes. Uno es del 2011 y el otro del 2013. Unas de las paginas de junio no esta porque se la regale a una amiga que cumple años en junio.

This is a box containing most of the pages from two different GACKT wall calendars. One is from 2011 and the other is 2013. I know for sure that one page is missing (May-June) as I gave it to a friend whose birthday is in June.


They've been rolled up in this box for nearly three years.

They’ve been rolled up in this box for nearly three years.

No quiero desenrollar los posters porque va a ser much engorro enrollarlos de nuevo, pero con estas fotos se nota que si son paginas del calendario de GACKT.

I’m afraid that if I unroll them, it’ll take me forever to roll them back up. It was quite a struggle to get them all in there in the first place. But you can see from these photos that it really is the GACKT calendar.

See those distinctive GACKT calendar numbers?

See those distinctive GACKT calendar numbers?

Whatever photo is on this page was taken at a national park in Okinawa.

Whatever photo is on this page was taken at a national park in Okinawa.

Estas son fotos de las paginas cuanda tenia el calendario en la pared del apartamento donde vivia antes:

And here are some photos of some of the pages when they were hanging in my old apartment (cropped for privacy):


Black feathers always make me think two things: first Sephiroth, then Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile as played by Tamaki Hiroshi.


Cada pagina tiene un hoyo pequeño por donde la colge. Algunas paginas tambien tienen cinta adjesiva, pero no estan tan dañadas que no se pueda disfrutar la imagen. Ahora yo simplemente no tengo donde colgar estos posters, entonces quiero regalarselas a un fan. Si nadie las quiere, las voy a llevar al centro de reciclaje. Solo pido que no vendan las paginas que yo estoy mandando completamente gratis. Yo no estoy haciendo negocio con esto.

No tengo tiempo para buscar una pagina en particular y mandar solo esa. Es todo o nada! Son por lo menos 11 paginas, tamaño B2 (approximadamente 50cm por 70cm).

Each page has a hole in its top center from where I hung it. Some of the holes are in the shape of an upside-down fleur-de-lis. Furthermore, some of the pages have a little bit of damage & tape at the top from when they ripped and I repaired them, but nothing to detract from the enjoyment of the image. But given that damage and the fact that I don’t feel like unrolling them, photographing each image, and uploading them all, I want to give all of these pages as is to whatever fan wants them. All I ask is that you not go and sell them yourself. I’m not making a profit from this. I just have no place to hang these and figured I’d put it out there that these are up for grabs before taking them to the recycling center.

I don’t have time to find specific images and send them to different people. It’s the whole package of at least 11 pages or nothing. Each page is B2 size (about 20in by 28in).

Como recibir la caja / How to get the box:

  1. Sea fan de GACKT. Demuestre que es fan dejando un comment con un link a algo que prueba que es fan (por ejemplo, su Twitter donde habla mucho de GACKT, o una pagina de web para fans donde usted a dejado comentarios o que usted mantiene).
    Be a GACKT fan! Show that you’re a fan by leaving a comment with a link to something that proves you’re a fan, such as your fandom Twitter, or a page showing many posts/comments from you showing you’re a fan.
  2. Sea la primer persona que deja tal comment. Si mas de una persona responde al mismo tiempo, les preguntaré que me diga cada una que quiere hacer con los posters y yo decidiré cual idea es mas genial.
    Be the first person to leave such a comment. In the event that more than one person responds at the same time, I’ll ask you to tell me what you plan on doing with the posters, and I’ll decide which idea is better.



Ravenclaw House Pride Day

Not gonna lie, I don’t know when this became a thing as I’m a casual Harry Potter fan, but Facebook told me it was so let’s celebrate!

The Ravenclaw

Once upon a midnight dreary,
while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of Internet lore—
While I browséd, taking quizzes, suddenly I got the dizzies,
as of someone telling me what my Hogwarts house is,
telling me, “Tis Ravenclaw and nothing more—”
Only this, and nothing more.

Trying to rework “The Raven” only gives me even more respect for Edgar Allan Poe. XD

Pottermore Quiz Results Only

This quiz is here.

I never took the Sorting Hat quiz on Pottermore years ago, but according to several quizzes online, I always got sorted into Ravenclaw. It made sense to me, as it was the house I was most drawn to watching the movies. But out of curiosity last night I joined Pottermore and got sorted into Slytherin. I don’t have anything against the house but it felt wrong. Wasn’t the test too short? So I made another account, and this time I got different questions, and more questions, and got sorted into Gryffindor. I have a feeling if I kept creating accounts and getting different questions I’d get different houses. So I’m gonna stick with my original results and gut feeling and rep Ravenclaw.

I got the same wand both times (I think all the questions were the same, guess it doesn’t take your house into account?): 14.5″ Ash with Unicorn hair core, hard flexibility.

Maybe it's choosing a golden tabby as my pet to take to Hogwarts that has Pottermore sorting me into Gryffindor?

Maybe it’s choosing a golden tabby as my pet to take to Hogwarts that has Pottermore sorting me into Gryffindor?

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

Two wrongs don’t make a right. 他人の悪事を引き合いに出して自分の悪事の言い訳をすることはできない。

I hardly ever log into the gmail account I use for YouTube, so I just today saw that someone replied to a comment I’d made a year ago, a comment saying that GACKT’s reading of Sasazuka Elise’s lines was stereotypical and a disappointment. The person replied that stereotypical portrayals of Japanese are “common” in Western media but “you’re not disappointed about that are you?”

I already replied to that person with a few points (namely that those portrayals are not nearly as common as they used to be and that I never said I was okay with those portrayals in the first place), but the one I most hope sticks in this person’s mind and the one I want to shout out just to remind people of it because it’s a logical fallacy I see far too often is “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Say it with me now!




No, seriously. If I murder someone, then you murder someone, it’s still wrong. We’re both wrong.

If I’m an asshole, and you’re an asshole, our mutual assholery does not forgive the assholery of either party.

“If you get offended by everything, it’ll never end you know!”

“If you let everything slide, you’ll keep on getting treated like shit, you know!”


I’m gonna go like read a romance novel now or something. Something with a more coherent argument than the bullshit I just read. I hear Lord Monteith is a very handsome man.

Here go some random thoughts

1. I wanted to go to bed early so I could hit the polls early tomorrow. The former is not happening while the latter will still have to. I’ll take Clinton or Sanders but Trump and Cruz scare the crap outta me. *Shudders*

2. Been having weird sensations in my left quad near the knee when I squat with 100 lbs or more. Today the doctor told me to stop squatting with so much weight. It kinda bummed me out. Guess I won’t be becoming a bro anytime soon. Or maybe I’ll just be one of those bros who focuses on their pecs & biceps while walking around on skinny little toothpick legs.

3. I tried doing GACKT’s “for ladies” stretch and my right ankle was like “trick whatchu tryna do you know how much metal you still got in here?!” After which I promptly ceased & desisted.

4. Why is that with regular sleep, when you wake up you feel like time has elapsed, but with anesthesia-induced sleep, you wake up seemingly the next minute after you fell asleep? At least that’s what it was like for me with spinal anesthesia.

5. Wait, isn’t the phrase “cease and desist” kinda redundant?

6. Recently I learned that Billy Blanks fans in Japan called him Taichou (commander). This amused me.

7. I recently tried Avon’s Imari Seduction lotion for the first time. The smell was so familiar but I couldn’t place it. At first I thought “Buddhist temple in Japan” but then it hit me: it smells remarkably similar to Sephiroth’s scented candle.

8. Why yes, I have a Sephiroth scented candle. And I spray the Sephiroth cologne on my Sephiroth folding fan so that I may fan myself with Silver Winds. I think Square-Enix should’ve also released a Sephiroth mascara. I wouldn’t have bought it because I don’t use mascara, but it would have been funny.

9. Remember the part in Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Cap says “This isn’t freedom, this is fear”? Yeah. That’s why I hashtagnevertrump.