Life Through Song Titles Meme

A  friend showed me this meme ages ago and I filled it out using GACKT songs. In the four years since, G has put out some new songs and I’m in a different place literally and figuratively. Yet, if I go through and answer again, most of my answers remain the same, although the reason behind some of them has changed. Go figure. I’m posting it here for poops & giggles, with my few new answers in purple.

Give it a whirl with your favorite artist, eh? If you haven’t already.

↓ ↓ ↓

Pick ONE artist and answer the following questions using the titles of their songs:

[I’ve included translations for the ones with titles in languages other than English.]

Pick Your Artist: GACKT

01.  What’s the weather like: “Rain” / “Misty”

02.  How old are you: “Nine Spiral”

03.  Describe yourself: “mind forest”

04.  Describe your childhood: “LONGING”

05.  Something important to you: 「君が追いかけた夢」(“The Dream You Chased”)

06.  A pick-up line you’d melt for:「この夜が終わる前に」(“Before This Night Ends”)

07.  Describe where you currently live:「この誰もいない部屋で」(“In This Room Where There is No One”) / “Secret Garden”

08.  If you could go anywhere, where would you go: “Journey through the Decade”

09.  Your favorite form of transportation: “Speed Master”

10.  Your best friends are: “dears”

11.  Your favorite time of day: “Lu:na”

12.  If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: “Paranoid Doll”

13.  How do you solve a problem: “etude” (“study”)

14.  What is something you want to learn: “ANOTHER WORLD”

15.  What is life to you: 「届カナイ愛ト知ッテイタノニ抑エキレズニ愛シ続ケタ…」(“Even though I knew it was a love that would never reach you, without controlling myself, I kept on loving you…”)

16.  Your fear: “In Flames”

17.  What is the best advice you have to give: “Stay the Ride Alive”

18.  How I would like to die: 絵夢〜for my dear〜 (“Painted Dream ~ for my dear~” …well, I’m not 100% sure how GACKT wants us to interpret the made-up compound “picture dream.”)

19.  My soul’s present condition: “Mizérable” /「ピース」(“Peace”) (But if GACKT had a song called “Resignation” I’d pick that as being more accurate. XD)

20.  Something the world needs: “JESUS” (Not so much the dogma of various religions, just the general concept of trying to go above yourself to be a better person to both the people you like and those you dislike. Well, that’s how I understand it anyway.)