Air Moon at 31%

It’s been 3 months since I started translating the 2004 book on the early stages of GACKT’s “MOON PROJECT,” The Air Moon ~Hakuchū no Tsuki.~ I wasn’t sure how far I’d go when I started. Now, I’ve done up to page 87 of 278, or 31%. That covers the chapter about the album MOON and the chapter about the 2002 live house tour. Pretty good progress, methinks. You can find all the translation posts gathered conveniently on the Table of Contents page of my portfolio blog Warped Frost.

At my current rate, I’ll finish translating the book in February of 2015. I look forward to that, but at the same time, I wish something would slow down my rate. That something being employment. ^o^;

When I decided not to do a fifth year on the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program, I figured finding a job would be no easy task, considering I was going home to Michigan and its bad economy. I was willing to relocate, but didn’t take into account that companies might not want to wait for someone who has to move into their area. I also didn’t think having a Detroit address would be a source of discrimination, but in at least one case, given the interview I had, it certainly has been. Well, at least I got to the interview stage with that one.

About a month ago, I applied to a freelance translator position with a certain mobile game company. Even though it was freelance, the amount of work promised in the job posting was enough to be as good as one full-time job. I set to work on the required translation sample, confident that all my practice working on The Air Moon would pay off. After submitting my application, I was asked to do a translation test. I did that, and was then told I had the job. Contracts were signed, tax papers filed. I was told by two different people in the company that my translation sample had been really impressive. But then…no work came. When I asked two weeks ago if I could have a schedule of expected translations, I was told that they would get it out to me. I replied asking if the work would start this month, and have yet to receive a reply to that question, and don’t know what to think anymore.

Well, I may be starting grad school in the fall. That’ll slow my fan translation down, but without a job, I’ll have to take out loans as the first semester’s gonna wipe out half my savings, and the other half of my savings is my sacred VISUALIVE 2015 fund. Ahaha….



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