Episode 5: P.S. I LOVE U

Episode 5 consists of the lyrics to “P.S. I LOVE U” proper.

I hesitated to do this one, because I’d been using these episodes as time trial assignments. On the one hand, a song is not something I want to rush through, and I only rarely do song translations, which are much harder. On the other hand, I noticed in the course of translating these episodes that adding the race element made me reach for the most natural-sounding English first. This is something I’ve been struggling to regain after being surrounded by translation-ese for 4 years.

So I decided to do it, only that after the time trial portion I spent a bit of time translating the translation. I’ve made it read like a letter rather than song lyrics. Perhaps it’s a fairly liberal interpretation. So I say to anyone reading this, especially if you don’t speak Japanese at all, look at several translations/interpretations, and make of them all what you will. Thanks for stopping by this little corner of the internet. ^o^/

GACKT’s Intro

From me, to my beloved LOVERS…

I wrote out my pure feelings in this love letter. Please accept it.


Dear _______,
When you find this letter, if there’s someone next to you watching with a worried look on their face, please don’t read it then.

Dear _______,
As you greet each new day, are you still suffering over me? You’re not stuck, are you? You were never good at lying, but your kind attempts always offered me support. I wanted to be with you longer.

Even if you’re so sad that you can’t face the day, please don’t look back. You’re very dear to me, so won’t you smile for me? Please?

This love is forever.

Dear _______,
Your life is in the present.
Meeting you meant everything to me. It was just…too happy….
But I’m nothing more than a chip off the life you’re carving out for yourself.
So even if you’re so sad that you can’t face the day, please don’t look back. You’re very dear to me, so for my sake, don’t be afraid to love again. Okay?

This love is forever.

Even if I turn to dust, and get carried off into the sky by the bitter winter wind, I’ll never ever forget your smile, nor your endless kindness.

When I’m reborn again, and we cross paths, I hope there will be a wonderful person smiling at your beloved side; I pray there will be a wonderful person at your side.


P.S.: I love you.

GACKT’s Outro

Split into 4 parts, I’ve shared with you the episodes I came across on the journey of making “P.S. I LOVE U,” and received many people’s reactions to these stories. I’m reading them all now, little by little. There’s going to be an event on the 11th, so I’ll share some of these reactions then. I’ll let you know the details of the event later.


Share your thoughts here! ^_^/☆

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