Episode 3: The Present (Translation of プレゼント)

Hahaha, this was one of the sites I came across when I Googled 泣ける話 to try to figure out if this was a genre of internet writing (and therefore not true stories). Still don’t know.

GACKT’s question before the story: “You’ve probably experienced this too, right? Going all out for the one you love.”

~The Present~

Yesterday I got a letter from a fourth grade elementary school child asking for advice. The letter said:

I want my mother to feel better, so I want to buy her a present. But I only have 329 yen from my allowance. What can I get with that much that a girl would like?

This boy’s mother has cancer and won’t live much longer. But he doesn’t know that.

Today I took the boy to a department store.

“I wonder if Mom’s on a diet? She doesn’t eat at all, she just laughs and goes hungry. Maybe I can buy diet snacks.”

“Can I buy shoes? I wanna go to an aquarium with Mom!”

“A letter? That’s embarrassing! Mmm…but I’ll try to write her one. I’ll write it in an origami crane!”

“I wonder if I can buy flowers? But it’s sad when they dry up. So maybe I should make it a cactus?”

“Mom’s hands were cold. Can I buy gloves? But she could only use them in the winter, huh?”

“Mom said she wanted to eat caviar! I wonder if I can buy that?”

Tears welled up in my eyes each time the boy spoke about his mother.

“I got it! I’m getting her shoes! I wanna go to a bunch of places with Mom!”

There’s no way you can buy shoes with 300 yen!

While the boy went to the restroom, I went over to the shoe department and explained the situation to the clerk. I asked if it were possible to sell shoes to the boy for 300 yen. Of course, I planned on paying the rest later. The clerk kindly agreed.

When I took the boy to the shoe department, there was a paper sign that said everything was 300 yen. It was crude, like it was made in a hurry, but it moved me deeply.

“I’m getting these!”

He’d chosen a pair of white heels. When I tried to pay the difference later, the clerk said to me, smiling, “They’re 300 yen, so they were paid in full.” My heart was overflowing with gratitude.

The boy said to me, “I can’t wait to see my mother’s face when she sees these!” So we headed to the hospital.

“Mom, present for you!” he said loudly, opening the hospital room door with a smile. Surprised, the mother opened the gift. When she saw what was inside, she started crying.

“Oh, thank you. But…I’m sorry. I don’t think I’ll be able to put on shoes and go out anymore. I might die.”

The boy looked surprised, and said with downcast eyes,

“People who lived with all their heart and soul become stars! And stars that shine with all their might are reborn as people! When I look up at the stars, I’ll see you, so I won’t be lonely! But you have to try hard to live. So don’t give up, do your very best!

I wanna go to the aquarium with you! And I bought big shoes, so you won’t outgrow them, ever!”

The mother wiped her tears, and gave her son a big hug, smiling.

If any of you out there are on the verge of giving up due to an illness or some other tough situation, please remember the boy’s words. Even this little immature child says that it’s important not to give up, to do the best you can.

Don’t throw in the towel. Fight on!







4 thoughts on “Episode 3: The Present (Translation of プレゼント)

  1. Hmm… this could be true, could be fiction. Either way, it’s another good story. It’s nice that this time it’s a mother-son love and not another romantic boy-girl’s. Is this written by the boy’s teacher? It does sound like it, right?

    Thanks again for translating!

    • Yeah, GACKT said the story touched him not only because of the boy’s actions, but also how other people stepped up to help the boy.

      I assume the narrator is the boy’s homeroom teacher, since s/he knew about the mother’s illness.

      And you’re welcome! ^o^

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