Episode 2: For You (Translation of あなたへ)

I wonder if all of these are gonna be 「泣ける話」(“moving stories,” or stories to make you cry).

あなたへ is the second story GACKT shared in the run-up to “PS I LOVE U”‘s release. Before sharing the video, GACKT leaves us with the question, “When it’s your time to go, what will you use your last words for?”

There seem to be tons of these 泣ける話 on the web, and they don’t say whether these are actual letters that people left behind, or things someone made up. I translated this as a time trial again, but then spent a few minutes tweaking it, going on the assumption that the person wrote it to be read after his/her death.

~For You~

You’re such a kind person that even if I tell you to forget me, you won’t do it, will you? No, instead those words would only hurt you.

We talked about it when I was alive, remember? I said, “When I die, forget everything and find happiness with someone else.” You looked so angry and sad then.

So I won’t say, “Forget me.” But…I do ask that you bury me in the very depths your heart, so that I don’t become a huge burden on it. And hold dear the new people you meet. Please find happiness with the person you’ll meet next. Treat them well, and be happy.

I was truly happy because I got to have you in my life.

Everyone carries in their heart lots of happy moments; joy as well as sorrow.

I’ll never forget you. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart.

Lastly, allow me one more selfish request.

In truth, I wanted more time with you. So if it’s not too much trouble, every once in 10 years (that’s plenty enough), please think about me.

Thank you.

Out of everything I experienced in life, the time I got to spend with you was the best.


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