Osaka Concert Weekend: GACKT & ARASHI

I just returned to Fukuoka from 2 days in a row of concerts in Osaka. I have some work to get through so I won’t be writing about them in detail until tomorrow.

My eternal love GACKT, my first Arashi love Sho, and my new Arashi love Masaki. ♡

Warning: SPOILERS Ahead

…that’s enough warning, right? ^o^

Gakuensai Opener @ Intex Osaka(Sat. Nov. 17)

My 2nd most favorite part of this was when GACKT sang a bit from L’arc~en~ciel’s 「花葬」(“Kasou”). Not only because that is probably my favorite L’arc song, but also because GACKT did a hilarious impersonation of HYDE’s wiggly dancing. XDDD While Shinnosuke threw petals on him from atop a ladder and some others swept the fallen petals around on the stage. XDDDD

Popcorn Live Tour Osaka Final @ Kyocera Dome (Sun. Nov. 18)

This was my first time going to a concert in one of Japan’s major Domes. The scale of this thing was on another level. The moving platforms, projections on water, the balloons…I was impressed by ARASHI’s ability to keep track of all these moving parts, and dancing on them! The engineering crew that put this whole thing together deserves a huge round of applause.