XYZ & Numbers

Well, this is the last post in the iTunes All Album Challenge! @_@
Technically, I’m finished with all the albums, but there’s a chunk of 50 music videos in my library that get listed after all the songs in albums. Sometimes I think to list music videos as being “from” the album that the song is on, but since that’s not exactly accurate, I didn’t do it.  So, while this is the end of the All-Album Challenge, it’s not the end of “listen to every track in my iTunes Library.” I can’t believe it’s taken nearly a whole year to do this. @_@

Well, on with it!


Songs: 16
Albums Represented: 5
Albums Complete in Library: 1

I’m afraid to write the album title of 2 of those for fear of what kind of people might land at this blog through Google. ^_^;

In this bunch we find some tracks from the classic PSX video game Xenogears. I really don’t remember the game very well but I remember that it was AWESOME. Perhaps the only track that my brain left in retrievable memory was the theme aboard the Thames. I always got such a kick out of how the captain would dramatically say “Men…of…THE SEA!!!” You can hear it (when they’re not playing cards) in this video showing some gameplay.


Songs: 39
Albums Represented: 8
Albums Complete in Library: 1

I think I talk enough about GACKT and his just-ended band YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz on this blog, so rather than highlight their album, I’ll share the track “Hello Bonjour” from the album Yell Fire! by Michael Franti and Spearhead.


Songs: 1
Albums Represented: 1
Albums Complete in Library: 0

The only song representing the Z’s is “Bring the Light” from the Smashing Pumpkin’s album Zeitgeist.


Songs: 66
Albums Represented: 32
Albums Complete in Library: 0

The lowest number is 1 and the highest is 2001. I’m going to end by sharing a track from a band that’s just a little younger than me, but I didn’t know about them until…mmm…5 years ago?

The band is BUCK-TICK, one of the grandaddies of the Japanese rock style of visual kei. I only have one album for them, the compilation album 97BT99.

The track that got me interested in them is “Gessekai” (「月世界」which would mean something like “moon world.” ) I know that I heard it on an ad for an anime. I think it was in the previews to some anime series my brother had rented from Netflix…maybe? In any case, I was hypnotized and dug around on the internet using the only lyrics I understood–“tsuki no hikari.” Hmm, I guess I would’ve known the name of the anime series as well. (Which turns out to be Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective.)

And with that laid back, tripped out rock track, I close my iTunes All Album Challenge! Whew!


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