What the?!

Songs: 58
Albums Represented: 26
Albums Complete in Library: 1

Around the time I was listening to the Ws, through something unrelated I realized that there was a gaping hole in my iTunes Music Library: not a single Weezer track. @o@!!! Well, I rectified that with “Buddy Holly” and a few other tracks from my childhood.

But in this post today I’d like to share a (probably) less well-known group. In the Ws we find Where Night Holds Light, the second-to-last album of Canadian indie rock band The Buttless Chaps. I’d like to share the title track. May the snow cool down those in hot areas!


2 thoughts on “What the?!

    • Hi austriaal, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’m glad you liked the concept. I myself got it from blogger Logy Express.

      I couldn’t believe how long it took. I’m kinda doing it a second time. I got a new laptop and put my iTunes Music Library into it, but after a year with it I’d only listened to about one third of the library. So now if I’m not in the mood for something in particular I’ll put on the “To Be Played” playlist; a smartlist consisting of songs with zero plays.

      Anyway, I’ll definitely check out your post!

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