Tea Time

Songs: 137
Albums Represented: 54
Albums Complete in Library: 3

Does anyone still make mix CDs for their friends?

I have a friend with whom I often exchanged music this way. When I import music from these mix CDs into my iTunes Library, I often leave them with the title my friend put on them. So it is that in the T’s there is an “album” called “The Traveler’s Call.” My friend gave this to me before I came to Japan. I feel inclined to say that it’s not really a T album since it’s not an official release, but hey, record companies can put out compilation albums with different artists, and what gives them more authority (other than a bunch of legal contracts and stuffy stuff like that)?


And so it is that I will share a track from this “not really” T-album: Timbaland’s “Bombay,” while sending out positive chi to my friend back home. <—(((^_^)))—>


Share your thoughts here! ^_^/☆

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