Ssssongss: 380
Albums Represented: 89
Albums Complete in Library: 8

As massive as this chunk of my library is, in the interest of saving time I will only talk about one group, as I remember thinking as I listened to the album, “I don’t give this group enough credit.”

That group is the Japanese hip-hop outfit SOUL’d OUT. Their song “1,000,000 Monsters Attack” was featured on a soccer video game my brother had. As I have no interest in sports video games (well, I did enjoy the original Gran Turismo, if you allow me to include motor sports) I myself didn’t really hear the song through there. My brother really liked the song, so I got him SOUL’d OUT’s 2006 singles compilation album for his birthday. I eventually gave it a listen myself and liked many of the tracks.

There’s many Japanese music acts, whether in rock, rap, or any other genre, that love to sprinkle their lyrics with English. I personally find this annoying most of the time, because many don’t use English to communicate in English, they use it as exotic grammatically incorrect sprinkling. Bilingual musicians like Hikaru Utada are an exception. Most of the time we get silliness like “we make storm” even from huge acts (that little gem is from the Arashi song “Attack It!”) which you’d think could afford to ask a native English speaker if their lyrics sound stupid or not.

However, in the case of SOUL’d OUT, I think it works better. I think it’s because I find the Japanese language really isn’t well suited to rap music. You kinda have to beat it up and warp your mouth in a funny way to make it fit the rap rhythms. Well, that’s the impression that I have anyway. In this case, with the constant back and forth between English and Japanese, and MC Diggy-MO’s rolling r’s, the songs become a sort of gymnastics exercise for your brain and mouth. Of course, just listening to them is really fun too. ^o^

I’ll end this post with a live performance of “To All Tha Dreamers.”


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