She Rolled Her R’s

Songs: 145
Albums Represented: 50
Albums Complete in Library: 4

Despite the reference to Sloan’s song “Underwhelmed” on their album Smeared, I’m gonna talk about Akino Arai‘s collection album RGB.

Back in 2001 Cartoon Network aired the anime Outlaw Star. It was in this anime that I first heard Akino Arai’s music. Her songs 「昼の月」and 「月の家」(“Hiru no Tsuki” / Afternoon Moon and “Tsuki no Ie” / House of the Moon) were used as ending themes for said anime. I loved the ethereal sound of these songs, especially “Tsuki no Ie.” It wouldn’t be until 2002 that these songs appeared on an album, namely RGB. I didn’t know it at the time, but when I bought it, it had only been out for a few months. Actually, this album, and GACKT’s compilation album The Sixth Day, were the first CDs I bought using the legit online shop CD Japan. (←I highly recommend them.) My, how the time flies!

Now, I really wanted to share the track 「さかさまの虹」(“Sakasama no Niji” / Upside-down Rainbow), but it seems that Akino Arai’s version is not available on YouTube. There’s plenty of vids with a version by another singer, but I find her voice really annoying in comparison to the Sade-esque tones of Arai’s voice. Well, if nothing else, you could hear a preview of it on the iTunes Music Store!


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