O Reference That I Won’t Make

This is the Story of the O’s.

Whoops, made it anyway.

Songs: 50
Albums Represented: 20
Albums Complete in Library: 2

A very short bunch. Guess O’s don’t come at the beginning of words much.

One of those complete albums is Octave Theory, an album by game music composer Nobuo Uematsu’s latest band project, the Earthbound Papas. Admittedly,  I bought it solely for its rendition of “One Winged-Angel,” but…while interesting, it’s a version that doesn’t add much to the history of OWA versions. I found the new “Liberi Fatali” much more interesting.

My favorite track on this album, however, ended up being the totally new, not game related at all (as far as I know) track “Metal Hypnotized.” I think it’s fair to say Uematsu was channeling some Rush and Camel when he composed this track. ^o^

Just now that I went to YouTube to see if this track was there, I realized that the Earthbound Papas actually had a remix contest featuring “Metal Hypnotized!” The grand prize went to one Tony Dickinson for his remix “Metal Symphonized.” Wow!


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