Songs: 102
Albums Represented: 35
Albums Complete in Library: 5

Huh. For a relatively small group, it seems that there’s a lot of complete albums here as well. What are they?

P’unk~en~ciel – P’unk Is Not Dead
Delerium – Poem
Hooverphonic – President of the LSD Golf Club
Various Artists – Pure Moods III
Stone Temple Pilots – Purple

When I started the Challenge, I didn’t have the P’unk~en~Ciel album. It wasn’t released yet. ^o^ It was actually released boxed with their new album Butterfly.

P’unk~en~Ciel is L’arc~en~ciel’s punk alter ego, so to speak. Instead of the usual line-up (HYDE on vocals, Tetsuya on bass, Ken on guitar, and Yukihiro on drums), we’ve got Tetsuya on vocals, Yukihiro on bass, HYDE on guitar, and Ken on drums. While the new instrumentals are certainly punk and ROCKIN’, I don’t think that they really changed the vocals to a punk style, so the effect is kinda weird for me on tracks I’ve already come to know and love. Yukihiro yelling “ONE TWO THREE GO!!!” every two minutes doesn’t count. >o<; So, the tracks I ended up liking were the ones I didn’t know before. One of those two tracks was “Round and Round.”

Pure Moods III was probably the first CD available in mainstream stores I found out about that had what I had been calling “tripped out music” on it. Later I learned of such labels as “trip hop,” “chill out,” “dream pop,” and “new adult contemporary.” This CD was a gift from my father for some birthday or other. Probably my 19th or 20th. We were at the now-defunct Borders in Fairlane North and he told me to pick what I wanted for my birthday.

My favorite track on this album is perhaps Mono’s “Life in Mono,” which was used in the movie Great Expectations, which I never got around to watching. Well, I’d already read the book. Maybe I’ll watch it someday.

Well, Monday I’m going to Spain! So the Challenge will be temporarily suspended for a week. I’ve gone through the Qs and half the Rs already though, but I’m not gonna have time to write something about it. Until next time!


O Reference That I Won’t Make

This is the Story of the O’s.

Whoops, made it anyway.

Songs: 50
Albums Represented: 20
Albums Complete in Library: 2

A very short bunch. Guess O’s don’t come at the beginning of words much.

One of those complete albums is Octave Theory, an album by game music composer Nobuo Uematsu’s latest band project, the Earthbound Papas. Admittedly,  I bought it solely for its rendition of “One Winged-Angel,” but…while interesting, it’s a version that doesn’t add much to the history of OWA versions. I found the new “Liberi Fatali” much more interesting.

My favorite track on this album, however, ended up being the totally new, not game related at all (as far as I know) track “Metal Hypnotized.” I think it’s fair to say Uematsu was channeling some Rush and Camel when he composed this track. ^o^

Just now that I went to YouTube to see if this track was there, I realized that the Earthbound Papas actually had a remix contest featuring “Metal Hypnotized!” The grand prize went to one Tony Dickinson for his remix “Metal Symphonized.” Wow!