It’s going to be interesting to go back and look over these numbers when I finish my iTunes All Album Challenge. When I started doing it back in August, I did think to myself, “I shouldn’t buy or import any more tracks until I finish the Challenge.” That lasted about 2 weeks. ^o^; Back then the total number of tracks in the Library was 2933. Right now it stands at 3026. This doesn’t simply mean that I’ve added 93 tracks, because I’ve deleted several tracks I didn’t really like, and because I didn’t care for them, I didn’t think to count them. Mm, well, I have been recording the number of tracks pre-deletion in these posts, so I guess if I wanted to really be OCD about it I could go through all the posts and crunch numbers.

But I don’t feel like doing all that! Ahaha… We’ll just see how the numbers stand at the end of the Challenge!

Well now, on to the N albums!

Songs: 88
Albums Represented: 22
Albums Complete in Library: 3

Only 3 complete albums this time! They are Hooverphonic’s debut album, A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular, Delerium’s Nuages du Monde, and Michael Jackson’s Number Ones.

But I won’t talk about any of those great albums. Instead, I’ll talk about one that I’m not sure if I have it in it’s entirety or not. It’s the Nineteen Point Five Collective’s compilation NPFC 1995-2005 (Volume 1). They made it available for free on their website back in 2005, and while I know I downloaded the whole package onto the old family G3 iMac, I’m not sure if I transferred all the files, or just my favorites, to my laptop or even to my iMac which I got in 2007.

I first heard this group on the radio show Big Sonic Heaven with the track “Point Zero Three Tiger,” found on their album of “Sugarpil” remixes. It’s still one of my favorite tracks from them. You can hear it and many other great electronica tracks on their website. Go there now that you’re done reading this post! \^o^/



The M’s are delicious I guess, ahaha.

Songs: 206
Albums Represented: 64
Albums Complete in Library: 8

Wow, after several letters with only 1 complete album, or none, the M’s are bursting to the brim with ’em! Just what are the albums so good that I have them in their entirety? Let’s see:

Meat is Murder – The Smiths
merveilles – Malice Mizer
Michael Torke: One – Baltimore Symphony Orchestra & David Zinman
Mizerable – GACKT
Morning View  – Incubus
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West

Well, the Michael Torke album I had actually downloaded for my brother, but I don’t mind listening to about half of each colorful track. There would actually be one more album here in its entirety, Hooverphonic’s The Magnificent Tree, but since the last track on it was “Renaissance Affair” which appeared originally on their previous album Blue Wonder Power Milk I didn’t import the track again. Malice Mizer’s merveilles is complete, mostly because I can’t bring myself to delete the track “S-CONSCIOUS.” It’s one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard (sorry dear GACKT) but every now and then if I feel like laughing I might listen to it. I mean, “Why don’t you smell a rat?” “Why don’t you be moved to tears?” Seriously? There wasn’t a single English speaker around who could tell you how stupid those lines were? ^_^;

Anyway, after GACKTipoo there left Malice Mizer, he released the EP Mizerable, then his first album MARS. My favorite track from said album is…wait for it…”freesia ~op. 1~.” “Vanilla” is of course a classic, but “freesia” is just so simple, elegant, moving, and instantly builds an image in my mind with so few words.

GACKT’s third album, MOON, was the first complete album (as opposed to a compilation) that I bought of his. The reason he hooked me, the song that set me on this now near decade-long fandom, was the track “Lu:na.” Don’t let the dance-tai chi-hadouken throwing in this clip distract you, LOL.

Well, honestly, I think one of the things that deepened my GACKT fandom was that, back then, I really admired the things he said. I remember watching the interviews on the game Bujingai, and when he said, “If you fight someone physically, your injuries will heal eventually. But a lot of kids these days don’t do that, they get into fights with their hearts, you know? They hurt each other emotionally, and those wounds are a lot harder to heal,” I remember being in the living room, sitting in front of the TV and the PS2, thinking, “This man is so smart!”

These days GACKT says a lot of things, especially on Twitter, that, love him though I do, can be classified as trolling at best and stupid shit at worst.  Of course, it’s possible he did this with as high a frequency back then and I just didn’t notice it because I couldn’t follow the things he said directly, not knowing much Japanese and lacking home internet access.

And with that, we come to the last thing I want to talk about in this post, Kanye West and his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I can’t say anything deeply analytic about Kanye or his career, but I think it’s fair to say his mouth often gets him in trouble. I generally like Kanye’s wordplay and the instrumentation on his tracks. But I think the main reason I got this album was that I was just missing rap music in general. When I’m in Detroit I can hear it without even going to look for it. Somebody’s gonna be playing it. Here in Fukuoka, where most of the other foreigners are ALTs from Hawaii, and most Japanese people who say they like rap don’t really understand it…it’s not something I often hear. So with that, I watched the 3o+ minutes music film “Runaway.” After the incessant single note on the piano proved to be hypnotic rather than annoying, and getting a kick out of the reversed colonial gaze in the banquet scene, I had to get the album. To say nothing of how smart it was to make this one long video that had half the album on it to compel people to get the whole album rather than just downloading a single track.

And with this post, I’m nearly caught up! I just finished listening to the N albums yesterday.

Until next time, O Reader.