A Nice Reliant Music Sampling

Songs: 77
Albums Represented: 19
Albums Complete in Library: 3

The K’s turned out to be a short bunch. Of these 77 tracks, a good chunk were from video games. Usually when I think of video game music in my music library, my mind goes straight to the hoard of Castlevania and Final Fantasy tracks. But there were two games represented in the K’s: Killer Instinct and Kingdom Hearts.

In the F’s I wrote that Keiko Matsui’s Full Moon and the Shrine was my first ever CD. I guess it was in the sense that it was the first CD I had all to myself. However, if items owned by the children as a whole count, then my first CD would be the Killer Instinct soundtrack Killer Cuts, which came packaged together with said 1995 SNES fighting game. Back then, the graphics and sound on this game were unbelievable. I was a bit surprised by some of the vocals that were added to the BGM for the CD (what’s with the moaning on “K.I. Feeling”? @_@) but overall I still love this soundtrack. My favorite piece is definitely Cinder’s theme “Trailblazer.”

Haha, actually, one time a student was falling asleep in class, a boy sitting right up front too, and since I had my computer and speakers out for use in the lesson, I quietly warned the class that I was about to play some really loud rock music to try to jolt the sleeper. I played this track. The class thought it was hilarious, but Sleeping Beauty didn’t budge. ^o^; (For those who care to know, my sonic attack having failed, I put a snowman plushie on the student’s shoulder. What can I say? I think mild humiliation has a place in education. >o<;)

Now, going in the opposite musical direction…

I bought the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack for two songs: Hikaru Utada’s “Simple and Clean” and “Dearly Beloved.” The latter is the under 2-minutes piece that plays, if I remember correctly, only on the load screen. Sometimes I would turn the game on and let it just loop over and over before actually continuing my game. Perhaps “Simple and Clean” would’ve served better as the title to “Dearly Beloved”!


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