Gravity-bound Plasma

In other words, a star.

The title of this blog post is dedicated to the song “Stars” by Dubstar from their album Goodbye, the only complete album I have in the G’s. Dubstar, and this song in particular, is another group that I discovered through the now long defunct radio show Big Sonic Heaven.

I really like the lyrics to the song, and when I heard it, the line that caught my attention the most was “Is it asking too much / of my favorite friends / to take these songs for real?” At the time, it stood out to me because I had been hanging out with people, or driving around in their cars, and noticing how many people turned music on, then turned it down, and talked over it. I remember thinking, can you really say you like music if that’s how you listen to it, as background noise for the conversation? What’s the point?

Anyway, here’s the video for the song, which, before looking it up to put it in this post, I had actually never seen before, since this came out in 1997 (I discovered it more around 1999 or 2000),  pre-YouTube, and my family didn’t have cable.

Wow. It’s more “Cute Artsy Fartsy” rather than the “Dark Artsy Fartsy” I had been imagining all this time, ahaha.

This time, I’ll end with the stats:

Songs: 140
Albums Represented: 30
Complete Albums: 1


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