The Post Wherein I Realize I Don’t Know My ABC’s

Ahahaha…so, I have a confession to make: I’ve fallen way behind on chronicling my iTunes Music Challenge. Now, because I’ve been deleting tracks after going through them, I’ve been making draft blog posts that contain just the specs (number of songs, complete albums, etc) pre-deletion. I had the drafts containing only this basic information for the G, H, and I albums in my draft queue. Today, I thought, “lemme bust these posts out right quick.” I see the draft titles: “Incomparable,” “Heavenly,” and “Great.” But I pick “Incomparable” anyway when I should’ve worked on “Great.” >o<;;;

I’m sure there’s a way I could remove the post and stick it back in later, but I don’t feel like doing all that. So there’s just gonna be a little hiccup in my alphabetical order.

A B C D E F I H G…


Well then, let’s keep going! The H albums!

Songs: 101
Albums Represented: 22
Complete Albums: 4

Hmm, what to share? Something a little embarrassing perhaps?

Well well, there’s only that then.

As I chronicled over at my job-specific blog, the students of the school I used to work at have to put on a play in English for Culture Festival. My first year there, they did High School Musical 2, and my second year, they did Camp Rock.

Now, I had a passing awareness of HSM’s existence, and hadn’t even heard of Camp Rock. When the kids had decided to do HSM2, I watched the movie to be able to help them better. Suffice it to say I ended up wishing my students had picked something else.

So, how did this music end up on my computer? Long story short, I had to edit the tracks to make them shorter for the play, which had to fit in at most an hour. None of the kids knew how to do this, so I offered to do the editing. Not that I’m a pro sound engineer, but I’ve got GarageBand and can do simple stuff. I kept the edited versions of the tracks for both plays on my computer just in case the students lost the CD, or for future reference. But when I was transferred schools, I got rid of most of them. Meaning, I had actually ended up enjoying some of those tracks! *Embarrassed*

Well, they are lively, catchy tracks, but I think for me, I just associate the tracks with English Play and the whole experience over at my old school. So when I hear these songs, I don’t think of Zac Efron so much as I do of my former students. I even remember their choreography, LOL.

So here’s my guilty teeny-bopper pleasure: “I Don’t Dance” from High School Musical 2! XDDD


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