Techno Keeps My Mind In Check

Stats for the I albums:

Songs: 81
Albums Represented: 30
Complete Albums: 0

Not a single complete album out of 30?! Wow. Well, in the case of the ones that come close, I actually do own the CDs, I just didn’t like every single track on the albums and didn’t import them all. The albums that I have in near completion in my laptop’s iTunes Music Library are Madonna’s Immaculate Collection and My Bloody Valentine’s Isn’t Anything.

In the I’s we find a track I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of, not because I’m listening to it, but because I’m ignoring it.

I had said in the very first post of this Challenge Series that I don’t put music on to ignore it. I had forgotten about one special occasion where I do, in fact, turn music on so as not to listen to it: when I’m studying kanji or checking tests. Well, it’s a little unfair to say that I’m “ignoring” the music, since it serves a very important purpose.

What I ended up discovering was that if I tried to study kanji or check tests in complete silence, I would either space out, or start doing the practice/ reading the answers out loud, which inevitably would lead to going on monologue tangents and spacing out. Not very productive at all. However, if I play lyricless, repetitive music, it helps me check my wandering brain. Basically, without music, I’ll be distracted by any errant thought or external stimuli. But if there’s music, when my mind wanders, it goes straight to the sound at hand, which ends up reminding me to focus. I had actually discovered a similar principle in my school days; if I drew in class, it would help me mentally stay in the room if a lecture wasn’t interesting; if I didn’t draw, I’d tune out the teacher’s voice and go off on all sorts of mental adventures.

Yeah, so basically I’m a space cadet but have developed effective techniques for combating this. (I wonder if I actually have some sort of high-functioning ADD sometimes, LOL.)

Anyway, one of the 400+ tracks my aforementioned friend had given me is actually a whole disc compiled as one track, disc 1 of Tiësto’s In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza. Since I hadn’t really thought of it as being composed of all its individual tracks, I can’t say I have a favorite part of it. So what I will suggest is that if, like me, you need a sonic barrier to keep your mind from leaving the Milky Way, that you turn to the playlists on Tiësto’s official YouTube channel.

Hmm, I hope that doesn’t come across as an insult. ^_^;


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