D’s Data

Songs: 110
Albums Represented: 33
Albums Complete in Library: 7

I’m still doing the iTunes Music Library All Album Challenge, but, as always, I find myself unable to make the time for blogging about it. So I’ve decided to just give my stats, more for personal reference than anything, and share just one song. I’ve also decided to stop embedding the videos in the post, because it makes the page load slower and not everyone is up on that fiber optic cable internet.

Unfortunately, the song I wanted to share, 「押韻見聞録」(“Ouinkenbunroku”) by Hilcrhyme is not available on YouTube.  The closest thing we have is its A-side single, 「大丈夫」(“Daijoubu”). Unfortunately again, Universal Music Japan has seen fit to upload a mere 1 minute of that song’s video in terrible quality. Personally, I think that looks worse than not having the video available at all. But for what it’s worth, it’s right here: clicky click for some J-rap.

I translated and romanized the song about a year ago and never put it up. Maybe next time, if I feel like it. >o<;


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