I’m a DEAR!

The only thing I was expecting when I got home from work today was the building manager. My ceiling has a mysterious leak–mysterious because I live on the second floor and the apartments above me don’t have leaks.  While at work the thought, “it’ll come today” briefly flitted across my mind, but by the time I got home, saw the building manager in the driveway, put my bike away, and reached for my mailbox, it was a genuine surprise.

I’m now an official member of GACKT’s fanclub! ♡♪♡♪♡♪


I had a mind fart when I registered at the Loppi and put a ー instead of a ・between my two last names, so what’s on my card looks even stranger than it should (from a Japanese person’s perspective).  Though a Westerner looking at the romanization would wonder about the Spanish yet Scandinavian looking name.  ^o^


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