Kotoeri Likes GACKT

So, I was typing about the kanji GACKT writes his name with over in my SEM Group Red Leather, and when I go to write it and type がくと (gakuto) then hit space bar to convert to kanji (which I figured I’d have to do manually), I got this:

It knows.

XD They programmed “Gackt” in! WIN

Hm, I wonder if the latest version of Kotoeri has it convert to GACKT instead?!  After all, the iTunes Music Store went and changed his name to GACKT on all his tracks pretty shortly after he made the change.

Perhaps I’m too much of a geek to be amused by this, but I just thought it was great. ^o^ I never noticed this before because I would always just write “GACKT” in romaji even if the rest of what I was typing was in Japanese.