Cloud and Seph Sell You Stuff

I did a few pieces of fanart a while ago inspired by the fact that Square-Enix made a Cloud Strife cologne.  These have been up on my Square-Enix Members page for a while, and I figured it was time to let the general masses on the interwebz see my two favorites.

Well, that, and I’m wondering why my other blog is getting so much traffic by Googling “Sephiroth” when there’s relatively little about him over there compared to this one. ^_^;

As with other fanart I make, please do NOT repost these anywhere without asking for permission! Feel free to download them ONLY for your own personal amusement. Thank you.

Anyway, first up, Cloud promoting his cologne! This is the regular (read: non-Advent Children Complete-style bloodied-up) version:

Think about it: Cloud probably don't smell too good after having all that concrete thrown at him. (Only a grammatically incorrect sentence can express his level of funk.)

Next, my submission into the “Let’s mishear Sephiroth’s English lines!” Saga. ^O^  I must say, I’m proud of how I colored that piece of fruit.

Yes, please.

Even though Sephiroth has nothing to do with “Scales of Libra,” I used a crop from this piece to be my new Gravatar, replacing the Genesis-inspired crop of me holding an apple. ^_^; A fellow SE Member commented that when she saw the icon on my YouTube account (a crop of Seph’s face screencapped from Advent Children) she knew for sure that it was my account.  So, I think I’ll put this pic of Seph as a stand-in for me on anything that has an avatar! ^O^

Ah, perhaps I should explain that these are supposed to be mock magazine ads.  Of course, they’re double-page spreads. ^o^


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