More Square-Enix Geekiness

Mwa ha! First post at Scales since I’ve been in Japan!

So what shall I blog about?  Well, that which I didn’t go into detail over at Lucky Hill: My “pilgrimage” to see Sephiroth.  ^o^  Yeah, I’m THAT big of a geek.

So, Square-Enix has a store in Tokyo called the Square-Enix Character Goods Show Case. (You can click on “English” to the left on their page.)  I Google-mapped it before leaving for Japan, but it seemed kinda complicated.  I was confused about why it was giving me a long, funky looking walking route when the mass-transit route required that I get on a train and get off after one minute.  It did help, however, since I learned that I would be getting off at Hatsudai Station, I was able to use the much simpler Shinjuku area map all JET participants recieved. The store was a mere 15 minutes from the hotel!  It’s kinda tucked away, under an overpass, so it’s easy to miss.

I asked the clerk if it was alright to take pictures, and he said it was fine.  Now, the very realistic Sephiroth statue is actually in the floor (in the Premium Goods area, of course), so I couldn’t get a shot of the whole thing.  They also have the original Genesis outfit on the display, like the one GACKT wore in the video to “Redemption.”  Click the pictures for the full size!

Welcome to my Reunion...wait, I'm not Kadaj...

Welcome to my Reunion…wait, I’m not Kadaj…

This one's blurry, but you can see more of it.

This one's blurry, but you can see more of it.

"折れた翼を羽ばたかせ、全てを消してみせよう〜" ♪

"折れた翼を羽ばたかせ、全てを消してみせよう〜" ♪

Whew, that’s quite a bit of geeking out there. >P

In slightly related news, I bought an Arena 37 Special that featured GACKT for the poster. It is the second decoration I’ve bought for the apartment. (The first was one of those Japanese summer-not-quite-a-windchime thingies.  I’ll add pics when I take them.


Up in the Sky

I’m flyin’ coach class, up in the sky

Sippin’ cola, livin’ the life


In a few hours, I will be getting on a plane to start this latest journey, working in Japan. It may be a while before I get internet access, so don’t expect much here until September. In the meantime, there’s plenty of amusing things in the old posts, (especially in the post right before this one, rraowww!) so enjoy!

Take care of Detroit while I’m away! Please don’t litter or pee in the new Rosa Parks Transit Center! Or anywhere else!!!