Genesis and Sephiroth Fanart

I hope that title didn’t get any Genesis x Sephiroth fans too excited, since that’s not what this is. I’ve had these pieces on My Page over at Square-Enix Members for a while, and thought to leave them exclusive to that site but, there isn’t much Genesis fanart out there that I’ve seen…(ah! I should Google his name in katakana instead! Why didn’t it occur to me sooner?)

Anyway, click on the image for the full size, as these can be used as wallpapers. Not that too many people land on this blog, but just in case, please do NOT repost these anywhere, download them only for your personal enjoyment. And please, don’t crop my signature out (yes, I have seen people do that *so annoying*).

Here’s Genesis Rhapsodos. He’s holding a “dumb berry,” Banora’s second most important crop. ^o^ I think we’ve seen him with dumb apples and/or Loveless more than enough. I don’t know exactly what Genesis’ earring looks like, so instead I drew the PEERAGE from GACKT’s DARTS line of jewelry.

I don't know exactly what Genesis' earring looks like, so instead I drew the PEERAGE from GACKT's DARTS line of jewelry.

The object of every Red Leatherite's affections. Yes, I call them "Leatherites." The ones in SE Members' Red Leather at least.

And here’s Sephiroth (whose last name should be “Silverburg” ^o^). He’s wearing glasses because…it’s a long story, but it has a reason. The No. 2 pencil, on the other hand, was randomly chosen. I didn’t want to be cheap and avoid drawing both of Seph’s hands, and since I didn’t want both of them in his hair, I had to have his hand doing something. Thus, No. 2 pencil. Maybe it’s for back-to-school…? Did Sephiroth go to school? XD
The object of every member of Silver Elite's affections.  Maybe we could call them "Silver Elitists"? LOL!  Don't know if the chairwoman would approve.

The object of every member of Silver Elite's affections. Maybe we could call them "Silver Elitists"? LOL! Don't know if the chairwoman would approve. And I'm not talking about Hojo.

I’ll parody a DeviantArt page and give equipment specs! Involved in the creation of these pieces were:
  • An Office Max No. 2 pencil (maybe that’s where it came from, ha!)
  • Strathmore Sketchbook
  • Papermate Pen Eraser
  • HP Photosmart C4280
  • Photoshop Elements 2 (yes, 2. Four doesn’t have the sunflower.)
  • Wacom Intuos 3 tablet
  • And of course, an Intel iMac running OS 10.4.11

Okay, lemme stop, lol.


6 thoughts on “Genesis and Sephiroth Fanart

    • Thanks for stopping by, jlaw! I will take your comment as an opportunity to note something that’s been on my mind. Please know that I am not challenging you, rather, I am challenging the idea you happened to present. In other words, don’t take what I’m about to say personal.

      I know lots of people think Sephiroth, Genesis, and males in Japanese mainstream pop culture products in general are “feminine.” My question to such people is, what is “feminine”? If you think about it, you’ll realize that “feminine” and “masculine” are words that only work in contrast to each other, where “feminine” means inferior, weak, submissive, and superficial; while “masculine” means superior, strong, dominant, and meaningful.

      If we take “feminine” to mean physical traits associated with being a human possessing two X chromosomes, Genesis and Sephiroth are not feminine. They may have long hair and long lashes, but there is nothing about being a biological male that impedes them from having these. What’s more, in some cultures in some eras, long hair is/was associated with physical strength, therefore it was important for a man to have a healthy mane. Samson comes to mind. I believe the Vikings thought similarly. In contrast, Sephiroth and Genesis do possess physical traits that are very hard to achieve without being a biological male: large muscles. Sure, women can and do get ripped. But for a biological female to achieve the kind of musculature biological men can, they have to do an unholy amount of exercise, at least.

      If it’s the poses I put Seph and Genesis in that makes them “feminine,” we need only look at the real definition of “feminine” to understand why: they’re in poses that leave them open to attack. In other words, vulnerable, and by extension, weak. When people say that a man is “feminine,” the “problem” isn’t that he isn’t adhering to this biological truth, the “problem” is that he’s picking the “inferior” over the “superior.” And why would anyone do that?! Really, when people call a man feminine and mean it as an insult, they’re insulting women more than they’re insulting the man in question.

      Another really interesting point about “masculine” and “feminine” is that there is one Japanese pop culture product where Westerners can enjoy seeing the beefcake image of “masculinity” that Western males seem to prefer: comics for and by gay men (as opposed to boys’ love comics which feature homosexual male couples but are written for and by women). Look in anthologies such as Bara and you’ll see tons of comics featuring huge, hairy chests; angular, squared jaws; and bulging biceps galore.

      What should we take away from all this? I think it’s important to understand the political implications of the words “masculine” and “feminine.” These words have less to do with biology than they do with a worldview structured to keep women “in their place.” Also, conceptions of beauty change with the times, the culture, and even within a culture. If we look at pop culture, the visual most closely associated with heterosexual masculinity in the U.S. is associated with homosexual masculinity in Japan. In real life, the boys at the high school I work at (in Japan) don’t strive to copy the image of men in Bara. The aesthetic they copy is that found in games such as Final Fantasy VII. To explain why certain aesthetics end up being associated with one sex or another is beyond the scope of this already long comment, but I think it’s key that we all realize that the ideas we have about what it is to be a man, woman, or other come not from any biological truth, but from the circumstances of a people’s existence in one particular place at a particular time.

  1. very sexy!!! I think you did great with Genesis! It reminds me of all the Gackt pictures I have with him with something near his mouth. it is purrrfect!!!

    OMG sephi!! it makes me think he is my lab partner… I doubt i would learn anything if he was. if he was my teacher i think i would learn alot but not what they teach in school!! ahahhaa.. i am sorry if i scared anyone with that. your art makes me happy and it shows. WONDERFUL!!!

    • Oh, thanks for stopping by my other little corner of the internet! ^___^ Glad you like my silly sense of humor.

      I wouldn’t learn much with Seph around either. Well, if he was a teacher he’d probably be very demanding and so I’d do all my homework and study ever so hard to not get an F from him! XD

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