GACKT: Now With More Capital Letters!

According to an article on Mainichi JP, Gackt has changed his name to GACKT.  The caption under his photo says:


tooka kara namae hyouki wo subete oomoji no arufabetto ni kaeta GACKT-san

Which means, “GACKT, who changed the way his name is written to all caps since the 10th.”  So, get friendly with that caps lock key y’all! Click to see the article on Mainichi JP: HERE.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s actually common for Japanese bands/musicians to make such slight alterations to their names when they achieve major milestones, or anticipate that they will. I read in Josephine Yun’s book jrock, ink. that X JAPAN added the “JAPAN” in anticipation of an international debut, and that Kagrra, added the comma to their name for the release of their major label debut album.  So, this all caps business is about marking his 10 years as a soloist, not about being a diva or anything like that.


4 thoughts on “GACKT: Now With More Capital Letters!

  1. You know, I’ve noticed Japanese TV shows and bands sometimes have random symbols in their names too, like stars or hearts. Know anything about that?

    PS Love the new banner header! 😀

    • Hm, I assume the stars and other symbols are about making the name look more unique, or in the case of a band adding something to their name, to mark some achievement.

      There’s a manga whose title is written “Hunter x Hunter,” so I thought it was supposed to be read as “hunter times hunter” or “hunter by hunter.” It turned out it was simply “hunter hunter.” @_@

      Glad you like the new header! The whole photo is actually pretty ridiculous which is why it’s cropped like that, but since it was taken on beautiful Belle Isle, and has green in it, I wanted to use it. ^_^

  2. I had a friend in high school who liked Hunter x Hunter! He was always trying to get me to watch it, but I never did. Anyways, I always read it as “hunter times hunter” too… it’s funny to find out it’s just hunter hunter!

    I think it’s cool though how these artists and bands are adding these symbols and letters to make their productions more unique. It’s good marketing too given how much our generation <3s teh Internet lingo.

    • Lol, I just found out relatively recently that ❤ stood for a heart! I thought it was lips puckered up to give a kiss! I'm such a n00b still.

      Oh, these young people and their rock & roll music!

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