The Point of Business Hours

I remember watching sitcoms when I was little, in the 90s.  Every show had an episode where the characters frustratingly waited for the cable company to show up, having been given some 4 to 6 hour time span during which they might come.  It feels so annoying to have your time wasted like that.

When I got my first job,  I linked the inconvenience of companies’ large time frames to workers leaving early.  When it’s a nice day out, maybe things are going a bit slow at your job, clocking out 30, 40 minutes early sounds like it won’t do much harm.  So maybe you take off.  But I bet that when you need to go to a place of business, and maybe you can’t get there until 30 minutes before closing time, finding the place already shut down feels mighty annoying.  That’s why I decided that, unless it was an emergency, no matter what I wouldn’t leave any job I had before my workday was technically over.  That way, I feel I have the right to complain when other workers inconvenience me by leaving their jobs early.

This could be true in so many different scenarios.  The reason I needed to vent right now in particular is because this past Monday, I was told I needed surgery on my broken ankle, and that they wanted to get me in Monday the 23rd.  Timing is crucial now, as I should have had surgery that Monday but my foot was still too swollen to do it safely.  When the doctor approached the nurses to get me scheduled, they said something to him I didn’t hear, and he said to me, “Oh, we’ll call you.”  Okay, I thought.  They have both my house phone and my mother’s cell phone number.  I’ve been at home, and every missed call I’ve used *69, and it hasn’t been them.  I’ve had my mother’s cell phone with me constantly.  No call.

So today at 1 o’clock I call the clinic, and get a recording saying that the staff is in a meeting till 3 and to call back later.  Since sometimes meetings run over, I waited a bit past three and called again.  At about 3:20 the recording about the meeting was replaced with the regular recording, but then the usual recording–which informs one that business hours are from 8:30 to 4–just repeated itself twice and hung itself up.  I called the extensions that normally have humans answer; one hung itself up and the other just gave me a busy signal.  It’s possible the people over at Surgical Boarding were actually on the line with a patient.  But 30 minutes before closing, somebody at the office should have answered the phone.  If you say your business hours are until 4 o’clock, I should be able to call you at 3:30, 3:45 and get a human to answer the phone.  Seriously!

Not cool, Orthopedic Trauma Clinic, not cool.  They had been very good to me so far.  Now I have to spend another weekend wondering what’s ahead for me.  This past Monday one of the doctors told me my ankle was getting deformed, so I absolutely needed surgery.  I’ll call first thing Monday and hope they can get me in sometime the week of the 23rd.  Otherwise I’m still hoping my bones will miraculously fuse and put themselves back where they need to be.


2 thoughts on “The Point of Business Hours

  1. Oh dear, I hope you get your ankle fixed, sol! It doesn’t sound like it’s healing too well…

    On the other hand, I completely agree with you about the hours thing. In fact, my online tutoring company pays by the time you are logged into the system, so if you log out even just a minute early you don’t get paid for that minute AND your mentor knows that you didn’t stay for your entire shift. This can be annoying because if you get a new student 2 minutes before the end of your shift, you could actually end up working another 30 minutes. In cases like that, my company does make exceptions sometimes… but, in general, if you’re scheduled to work, you better damn well be working.

    And that’s for an online tutoring company! I mean, there’s always tutors online even if you log out a little early–but a health clinic!? If somebody’s healing, like yourself, and needs service, there’s really no excuse for checking out early.

  2. Thanks for the hope! I’ll call them tomorrow and see what they tell me. I really want to get this over with. For one, the longer I’m not treated there could be damage to the bones, and I’ll miss more class. Plus this week my mother and brother are on break from work, so they’ll be able to watch over me. We shall see…

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