Positive Cyber-Chi for Helpful Passersby

Waaa…so this morning I experienced something I was hoping I could die without going through: breaking a bone. At 26 years old, I had never broken anything, never seen the inside of an ER for anything, never taken a medication more powerful than children’s cough syrup, and yet here I am, like Dr. House: with a bum leg and hopped up on Vicodin. And I can thank ice for it. If only I had stayed in the street rather than getting up on the sidewalk!

But the reason I’m writing a post is because I want to thank the people that stopped, pulled over to call 911 for me (I don’t have a cell phone) and asked if I was okay. I don’t know who they are. But I believe that if you put your thoughts out to the Universe, you can still have a positive effect. So I’d like to thank the lady in the white Pontiac minivan, the Canadian trucker in his semi, the ladies in the black Chevy Monte Carlo (or Impala?), and the couple in the black Hyundai Sonata. You rock! Because you helped me, I’m sure someone will help you if you’re ever in need. I’m sending you positive cyber-chi!

And to all the people that drove past pretending like they couldn’t see me on the ground in that super bright red coat of mine, waving my arms, yelling, and struggling to get up…next time help a girl out, eh?

Much positive chi also to the EMTs, docs, nurses, techs, and security guards at Detroit Receiving Hospital, and the cabby from Checker who got me home.

Love and Peace, people! ^__^


4 thoughts on “Positive Cyber-Chi for Helpful Passersby

  1. Thanks, I hope so too! I’m hoping my bones will mend miraculously before next Monday, when I’m scheduled to probably have screws put in my ankle. Ick!

    If they do, at least I can make Frankenstein jokes about it, lol!

  2. It must have been very painful 😦 Snow, rain, snow, rain – this is not how winter supposed to be!

    It’s good that the world still has nice people.

    I wish you quick recovery! 🙂

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