Sephiroth, Alucard, and Gackt’s Identity Crisis

Happy New Year, O World! May 2009 treat you better than 2008!

First Post of the New Year has got to be good, right? Enjoy this silly comic strip that I made!


\ ^0^ /

Ah, I crack myself up!

I suppose I should explain my somewhat convoluted bad joke, just in case anyone didn’t get it.

The newest (far as I know) Castlevania game (Castlevania: Judgement for the Wii) features an Alucard that looks remarkably like Sephiroth. It’s not too bad in Takeshi Obata’s (!!) illustration, but in-game…see for yourself!

So that explains the first two dudes. The third guy is Gackt. In case you don’t know, Gackt is a Japanese rock star, among other things. When he was in the band Malice Mizer, they had a song called “月下の夜想曲” (gekka no yasoukyoku), which was also the Japanese title of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Then when Gackt went solo, in the video for his song “Mizérable” he looked like he was cosplaying Alucard. Years later, the cover of his album Diabolos really couldn’t be more explicitly Sephiroth fanart. When I saw the Sephiroth-like Alucard, I thought, “Oh, no, what’s Gackt to do now?!?” But he’s currently revisiting his Rebirth era Nazi Frankenstein-Android character, so no worries for him. Thus, my silly joke.

If nothing else it was a pretty picture, no? ^_^

I do wonder why they chose to make Alucard a platinum blond considering how gorgeous he looks with dark hair. Genya Arikado, anyone? I also wonder why Ayami Kojima hasn’t been the illustrator for the past several Castlevania releases. Is she tired of drawing beautiful men surrounded by rotting corpses and all manner of demonic beasties? Come to think of it, it’s only been the games released on Nintendo systems that don’t have her art. Maybe Nintendo thinks she’s too explicit for their systems? No, wait, Kojima did illustrate Aria of Sorrow, which is why it was so strange to me that she didn’t do Dawn of Sorrow.



9 thoughts on “Sephiroth, Alucard, and Gackt’s Identity Crisis

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  2. Oh, wow! You’re such an amazing fanartist? Do you have a DeviantArt account? If not, you should totally post your work there. 🙂

    Also, kudos for knowing who Gackt is. 😉

  3. Thanks for the compliments!

    These days I do fanart once in a blue moon, and otherwise my work is either too large, too charcoal-y, or too…how shall we say…full of naked people to post online. =^_^=

    Come to think of it, it’s fitting for me to do Gackt fanart, since I first heard of him on a mailing list I’m on called Anime Fanartists Online. Actually, when I first wrote my reply, I had the chronology of my fandom wrong. But since that mailing list is still around I went and checked the messages; turns out I’ve been a fan since mid-2002, not late 2003 like I’d been thinking; 2003 was just when I started buying Gackt’s albums through CD Japan. (I remember that because the catalog they included in my order had the movie “8 Mile” on the cover and the coincidence had me cracking up!) I’d also been thinking for all these years that the same girl who started the ruckus on the list because Gackt had answered her fanmail was the one who later sent me a link to some pre-YouTube era site with tracks of his on the internet, but it turned it it was two different people! My memory was also wrong in that I thought I had (nobly) heard his music before seeing what he looked like, when it was the other way around.

    So the accurate story of how I became a Gackt fan is: 1. A girl on AFO sends a message to the group about how Gackt answered her fanmail. 2. Intrigued by the number of “OMGs” and emoticons this inspired, as well as wondering why a Japanese man had three consecutive consonants in his name, I Googled–er, Alta Vistaed him and saw how gorgeous he was. Is. 3. I emailed the group asking for a site where I could hear his music. 4. Another girl emails me (apparently privately) with a link to a Chinese site that had some tracks, including the hypnotic “Saikai~Story~” 5. Went back to look in awe at more photos of Gackt. 6. Been a huge fan ever since!

    Heh, I know you didn’t ask all that, sorry! But I find it amusing how I had so many details wrong in my memory.

    *End of gushy fangirl moment*

  4. I’m not a huge Gackt fan, though I do check out YouTube vids of his from time to time. I think the first time I heard of him was either in an online anime fan community or in Shojo Beat… even when I don’t really care for his music, his personal style and persona in general are just uber captivating. So, I can dig the gushy fangirlness. 😉

  5. This post is wayyy older but anyways, gonna comment cuz recently I found the truth about that pic after such long time (9 years?). I thought at first, the guy at the very right was Alucard from Hellsing but since he doesn’t look like Alucard (Hellsing), I was curious about who he was in reality until recently I searched this particular image again linking to its source so I ended coming here doing this comment, haha

    By the way. your art is pretty good, I bet it is even better as of now, plus you’re right Alucard as Genya Arikado looks way hotter, no wonder why I have him as avatar. Good thing we’ll get to see moar Arikado in Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls.

    • Hi Xchwarz, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I admit I haven’t been keeping up with video games at all, so I didn’t know about Grimoire of Souls. Glad to see Ayami Kojima’s illustrating Castlevania again!

      I’m curious, did you first see this image posted on some other website? I didn’t think anyone would steal something like this. But back then I wasn’t as literate as an online artist so I wouldn’t watermark my work with my site URL… ^_^;

      • It was a very long time ago, like 6-7 years that I saw it. A friend of mine posted it on a long forgotten facebook profile I had. Yeah, we were kinda obsessed with Castlevania and specially Alucard. How I found it again? I just googled “Alucard Sephiroth” which led me to your website. 🙂

        • Ah, I see. Well, thanks for liking it enough to search it out! ^o^ I’ve done that as well a few times, mostly with music that I heard in games or TV shows years ago. Thanks to Internet Magic I finally know what so many songs are!

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