Gateway Project 60% Complete!

On my way to do some errands in the heart of Southwest Detroit, I could see clear signs that the Gateway Project–a massive construction undertaking to widen I-75, have better access to the Ambassador Bridge, and build a pedestrian bridge reuniting East and West Mexicantown (so happy about this one!)–is really rockin’ and rollin’. For a long time the eastbound half of the Vernor/I-75 overpass had been closed and eventually cut off; now it is fully rebuilt and open. So now it’s the westbound half’s turn. The central pillar of the pedestrian bridge gets higher each day I see it. Even though the area still looks like complete mayhem, the order is starting to emerge. It’s hard to tell from the photo I took, but trust me. ^_^

The high thing to the left is the Pedestrian Bridge's Central Pillar, way in the background to the right of it you can see the twin spires of Ste. Anne, and all the way to the left, the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Detroit to Windsor, Canada.

The high thing to the left is the center pillar of the Pedestrian Bridge, way in the background to its right is Ste. Anne, and to the left you can see a bit of the Ambassador Bride, which connects Detroit to Windsor, Ontario (Canada).

On a side note, I’d like to give a quick shout out to the Spirit of Detroit, which turned 50 today. There was actually a re-dedication ceremony for it today, but I didn’t know about it until today, so I didn’t go. (I blame the local media which wastes time telling me what’s coming up next on their show rather than what’s coming up next in real life. Well, the “news” has become that all over the country, hasn’t it?) There’s an interesting article about the Spirit’s sculptor here, and an article with pictures of the cleaned Spirit (the tarnish was removed) here.


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