Bush’s Satellite Address

I admit, I haven’t been as attentive to the Republican National Convention as I should be. Partly I was put-off by how they seemed to be blowing Hurricane Gustav out of proportion. Hindsight may be 20/20, but I definitely got the feeling that they wouldn’t have minded if the storm had been as bad as Katrina so they could swoop in like Heroes this time around. So far I’ve only seen George W. Bush’s message to the Convention.

I found it interesting that the crowd went wild at his “angry left” not breaking the resolve of John McCain remark. I thought to myself, who’s trying to break his resolve? Well, I don’t know about everyone in the angry left. This left-leaner just doesn’t want him to win. There is a time and place for everything, and McCain’s survival in the POW camp is certainly impressive. But is this the time or the place for it? How can you call using the nation’s Armed Forces to fight an unnecessary, deceitful war that is damaging the reputation of the United States and making people hate us, “supporting out troops”? I’ll admit that immediately after 9/11 I felt very strongly that we should go to war with the attackers. But Iraq had nothing to do with those attacks, and fighting an unconventional enemy with conventional warfare hasn’t worked. I say it hasn’t worked, because if all foreign troops were to pull out of Iraq tomorrow, all Heck would break loose. The poo hit the fan when the US invaded Iraq, staying there is just keeping the fan from spinning and spreading said poo all over the place. But one day, it will have to. Might as well be sooner rather than later.

Got a little off topic there. Back to W’s words.

Another interesting remark was that McCain would invest in new energy technologies and allow offshore drilling. Yeah, about that. Why would people make the change to new energy technologies if they can still get the same old stuff they’re used to and that their automobiles and such already run on? Let’s face it: “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. If the need isn’t great, the inventions won’t move forward as much as they could, and the US will fall behind other nations in innovation. Even if we do allow offshore drilling, the oil will someday run out because it isn’t infinite. Not going full-speed ahead in the quest for new, more efficient energy sources and the technology to harvest it is a bit like watching an anvil about to fall on your head and deciding to casually stroll out of its path rather than run.

Well, I did agree with one thing Mr. President said: I am hopeful about this country’s future, but it’s not because McCain is going to save us. From the standpoint of History, the human condition has always been on a pendulum swinging between pretty good and rather poo-ey. At least here in Michigan, things have been poo-ey for a good while, so I’m hoping it’s time for the pendulum to swing in the other direction.


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