Palin’s Baby Mama Drama

Further proof is coming out that McCain’s VP pick, Alaska’s Sarah Palin, was nothing more than a move to try to get Hillary Clinton’s supporters who are wavering in regards to supporting Obama. Even when all I knew about her was that I’d never heard of her, it made a very bad impression on me that McCain was making this gambit. Then I learned she was super duper conservative. *Cringe*. Then I learned about the ongoing abuse of power investigation against her. *Mayor Kwame, anyone?* Now this: her 17 year-old daughter is pregnant. *Conservative abstinence-only education at work, folks!* The question is, should it matter? I heard some very good points on local radio station FM 98 WJLB around this issue.

One listener thought that it was just a reflection of something that’s going on and has been going on in American life today: young girls getting pregnant. My problem with that is, if someone presents themselves as conservative, I assume premarital sex and pregnancy are huge no-no’s for them. So why is this going on in their family? Were they not as instructive as they should have been in indoctrinating their young in their core beliefs? And if they did do everything they could as parents to raise their children “correctly” and failed, why do they still cling to these ideas that are proven time and again, to be counterproductive to sustaining their beliefs? Definition of insanity, anyone? Another point someone brought up was that if it were a young child of Obama’s in this situation, it would just be more fodder for people’s conscious and subconscious racism. I.e. “Pregnant black teenager? It’s to be expected”. Granted, there is still some degree of stigma to teenage pregnancy, regardless of race–otherwise this wouldn’t be in the news.

Lastly, and most importantly, there’s the issue of McCain not doing his homework before picking a candidate for his VP. Are we really to believe that a man of his beliefs would’ve picked her had he known all this stuff about her? I doubt it. What kind of tactician would he make in a war he says he’ll stick out, even if it takes a century?

I hope people don’t fall prey to this trap. Don’t vote for McCain just to put a woman in the Vice Presidency. I’m a woman, and consider myself a long-time feminist (I was reading books about how the cosmetics industry exploits women when I was barely in middle school!), and I don’t think it’s worth it. Keep in mind that whatever woman is first to get in the White House has to be twice as good as any previous President to be considered half as good. If some less than impressive woman makes it, she’ll make it even harder for another woman to reach the White House. Let us not make rash decisions in a haste to make history! This nation is barely some 232 years old. That’s nothing! There is still plenty of time to elect a suitable woman to that high office.


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